The Mediation


For most couples and families, mediation is a practical, effective, and low-cost way to reach agreements in difficult times.  I offer people a legally-protected private space to talk, while providing specific financial and legal information on the issues that surround family negotiations.  I offer mediation services for:

The alternative to mediation is an adversarial, attorney-led process, which is often one of the strangest experiences that couples and families enter.  This is not the fault of legal professionals, but the unavoidable impact of an adversarial legal system.  Though it is a valuable process when needed, many people find themselves spending large quantities of money and time on a process that doesn't feel right and is a mismatch for their needs. 

With over 20 years as a professional mediator, I am the only Advanced Practitioner in Family and Divorce Mediation (ACR) in New Mexico and have walked hundreds of couples through the separation and/or divorce process.  I hope you will schedule a free consultation to find out if mediation will work for you.