Choosing a Mediator

Though the mediation field is over 40 years old, it is still a relatively new profession. This is problematic for people looking for qualified help because there is no state-regulated certification or licensure. Anyone who takes a 40-hour training can call themselves a “certified mediator.”


Mediation requires a distinct set of skills that is different than therapy or legal practice.  It requires someone who is equally at home with numbers and the human side of separation and divorce. It requires someone who can remain impartial while seeking a workable solution for everyone at the table. It requires someone with an in-depth knowledge of the financial options when people separate or divorce. It requires someone with an in-depth knowledge of conflict, negotiation, and ways to achieve mutually satisfaction resolution.

David River, MBA, is the only mediator in New Mexico to hold national certification from the Academy of Family Mediators: Advanced Practitioner of Family Mediation. This certification requires hundreds of hours at the mediation table, extensive mentorship, peer review of agreements, annual continuing education, and adherence to ethical standards. With over 20 years in the mediation field, I work hard to meet your needs. \

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