The Cost of Mediation


In mediation you only hire one professional, the mediation process involves only the participants rather than institutions, you have direct discussions, and you receive the same information at the same time. These factors mean that people in mediation generally spend 10-25% the amount they would otherwise pay in attorney-led processes.

Compared to litigation, couples in mediation are more likely to reach voluntary agreement, do so more quickly and cheaply, generate more comprehensive agreements, find it fairer and more sensitive to their needs, and thus be more satisfied with both the process and the outcomes. -Benjamin and Irving

Mediation costs are based on an hourly fee for sessions and a flat fee for the work the mediator does outside of sessions, including financial review, preparing the financial summary, drafting proposals, and drafting the final agreements.

The additional paperwork needed to file for divorce can be completed by clients using publicly-available standard forms or an attorney. There is a small filing fee for the court.

Please contact David River for the current rates.

A sliding scale based on total family income is available.

David River