Caregiving Choices

One of the most pressing concerns and daunting challenges for seniors and their families is providing care for an elder with an extended or terminal illness. The emotional and financial stress that comes with confronting this issue can bring families together or tear them apart. 

  • Who will provide care? Family? Friends? Professionals? 

  • How much will it cost? 

  • Will I be able to stay in my home? 

  • Do I have the financial resources to cover an illness? 

Several trends have changed the caregiving landscape and made the role of those who support seniors living in their homes and communities even more critical. Family members are fewer in number, no longer all live in the same zip code, and are often dealing with financial pressures of their own. This raises the issue of who will care for aging parents or how children will care for parents from a distance. 

The mediator gently brings these concerns to light, provides options and resources, and allows families to face these challenges head on. The safety of a mediated family meeting allows creative solutions to emerge that would otherwise remain undiscovered - which is the hallmark benefit of this service. 

David River