Housing Choices

Some of the hard choices you may be facing as a senior may involve your ability to stay in your house, living with family, and living in a retirement and/or assisted living community. These are fundamental decisions for seniors and their families and may pose a significant financial expenditure in every case. 

Although a less popular alternative than in the past, about 7 percent of men and 17 percent of women ages 65 and older now live with family members other than their spouses, usually in the dwelling of an adult child. Over a quarter of women ages 85 and older occupy this type of living arrangement. An older parent living alone who is having difficulty coping with his or her frailties is usually the motivation for this housing choice.

This new living arrangement can often be hard on all parties and lead to resentment on both sides. The use of mediation and family meetings can often allow all involved to have a voice and air concerns with a view to a more peaceful living situation in the future.

David River