Mediation for Separation or Divorce


There is nothing more valuable in a separation or divorce than an agreement.

Lasting agreements pass legal muster, work for everyone involved, and hold up in the long run. Once signed, a mediated agreement allows you to refocus on the future and on what is most important in your life. Moving forward in the easiest possible way - emotionally and financially - is the goal of mediation.

Over 96% of David’s clients have reached an agreement for the their separation or divorce and at a fraction of the cost.


A Practical approach

When most people think about divorce, they think about lawyers and courts. Though your divorce agreement must be approved by a judge, lawyers and lengthy court battles don’t need to be a part of your experience. The most important elements of your agreement are that it works in a practical sense and that it is reached in accordance with what you actually want in the long run.

What I’ve found in the past 15 years is that my clients’ own sense of fairness and practicality leads to an agreement that nearly always meets a judge’s definition of fairness.

I paid over $10,000 to an attorney for my divorce and had nothing but aggravation after a year and a half. My wife did the same. You helped us agree to a settlement in less than two months, and it cost less than $3,000. Thank you.